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Instructor with Coding/Web Design Program Logo

Have you ever considered entering the lucrative field of programming or web design, or just wanted to create a website for your own business?

Learn about all the opportunities available in the programming industry and study languages such as Java, C++, and Python.

Learn to design websites using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets, and/or learn to use design software like Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress. Get all of the skills you need to pass the Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Certified Associate exam.

Follow the Career Path below to complete the entire program, or just pick and choose the courses you want. Contact our helpline staff listed at the bottom of the page to learn more. The next set of classes starts soon!

Click the flier to print or download this Career Path

Click the flier to print or download this Career Path

LaMar Towns's Avatar

Lamar towns

Website Development INSTRUCTOR

LaMar came to use with many years experience in website development and teaches classes on web design using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. 

Joseph D'Aurora's Avatar

Joseph D'Aurora


Joseph is a wiz with Adobe Creative Cloud and teaches numerous Adobe classes, including our Dreamweaver web design classes. Joseph also created an Intro to Web Design class for beginners.   

Jack Bischoff's Avatar

jack Bischoff

programming INSTRUCTOR

Jack is an avid programmer and created an Intro to Programming class for us, in addition to an entire series of classes on the Python language.  


Rio Oroczo's Avatar

Rio Orozco

programming INSTRUCTOR

Rio is a man of many talents. He developed our Windows Navigation Tutorial, as well as programming classes for both C++ and Java. He also helps format and tweak all the online courses created by other Career Campus staff.