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If you never finished high school, the time is now. In today’s market, over 88% of the jobs available require a high school degree or more, and that percentage rises every year. Earning a GED makes a difference in employment, job security, job advancement, and self-image.

Goodwill can help you earn your GED with our FREE workbooks and online tutorials. We start you off with a pre-test so you can focus on the skills you need to pass the exam. Average time from enrollment to diploma is just a few months. Study at home or in our labs.

This is the year to get your diploma! Contact our helpline staff listed at the bottom of the page to learn more and to sign up for our GED orientation for new students. 

Click the flier   to print or download this Career Path

Click the flier to print or download this Career Path

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David has worked in education for most of his adult life, and has been helping our participants earn their GED  since 2008.

David knows the GED exam very well and helps each student zero in on the specific areas he or she needs to improve in to pass. The average timeframe from enrollment to diploma is just four short months!